Best Firewood for Pizza Oven

We buy firewood from a local farm or firm of tree surgeons. It is usually fairly hard wood, probably a mixture ash sycamore and oak. It is delivered by a tractor carrying a 1 cubic meter bag on spikes on the front.

To minimise smoking you need the water content as low as possible. Aim for less then 20% water content.

Bake next week’s wood using your spare heat.

This page gives an interesting account of different firewoods

We find you need about one wheelbarrow full of wood for a good session.

Wood is stored in the base of our pizza oven, slowly drying until it is needed. It catches the sun and no wood touches the ground.

Best firewood for pizza oven

  • Cherry – people are often trimming branches of this nearby – Burns with steady fire, no spitting and smoke smells pleasant.
  • Ash – plentiful in supply. Good hard wood, low smoke, bright flame. No need to keep stoking the fire.
  • Oak – similar to ash.
  • Apple – burns well and pleasant smell – espcially when you are axing.
  • Beech – another good hard wood.

Worst firewood

  • Pine – spits and crackles, burns out quickly, but easily lit – ok as kindling. Poor value to buy by volume.
  • Willow – burns too slowly, poor heat output
  • Leylandii – smokey, sappy – has to be seasoned 2 years+

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