Cooking pizza

Let the kids do this bit – it’s important for them to take on responsibility while the parents drink beer!

No need to be in a rush! The bricks must be as hot as the rest of the oven to ensure the base is cooked aswell as the topping.

Cook directly on the bricks, having made their surface clean-ish with the pizza peel. Pizzas are cooked by 30seconds and on fire by one minute.

After the pizzas

With all that spare heat, it’s great to let the fire die out and then cook something else overnight.

Suggestions: Slow roast lamb. Brisket beef.

If the fire is totally dead, the space can filled with logs to dry out. At this point, you would benefit from an inner-chamber door, something which I have not got round to making.

Breads should also be possible but I must say that after you have had an evening of pizza and beer, you just never get round to making bread.

History of Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens go right back pre-Roman. This kind of structure was also in use in Britain.

Before oven were in houses, a community would have a bakery where you would bring your dough to be cooked.

Pre 19th century the British Army would have had simple brick ovens that could be built quickly and taken down quickly. The ovens were an essential part of the logistics of keeping the army fed.

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