Cooking tools

The main tool is the pizza peel. It’s multi-purpose and is also used to clear out the old ash, scrape clean the base, move the fire around and clear space to cook on. It needs to have a long enough handle to stop you hands from being cooked.

The peel needs to have a long enough handle. A wooden peel is better for putting the pizza in the oven, but remove it and manipulate it with the metal one.

We find it useful to have a few wooden peels so that you can assemble the next pizza directly on the wooden peel and have 2 or 3 waiting in line. Remember some semolina on the peel as a lubricant! Product – Aluminum Pizza Shovel Peel With Long Wooden Handle Pastry Tools Accessories Pizza Paddle Spatula Cake Baking Cutter Product – Wooden Pizza Paddle Spatula Pizza Shovel Peel Cutting Board Kitchen Pizza Tray Plate Bakeware Pastry Tools Accessories

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