Defence vs weather

The initial weather protection was an horrible plastic gazebo for £15. “We” (I) accidentally burnt an hole in the top of this.

The finished pizza oven will handle splashes of water or horizontal rain / snow. What damages it is if it gets too wet or if it keeps getting wet in the same spot eg. a roof leak / drip down the flue pipe.

We made a basic roof structure attached to the top of pre-existing sleepers.

Minor damages and cracks can be filled if you keep a small amount of spare adobe. When hot we find the same crack keeps opening up and expands with heat. the crack is nearly 5mm wide. Luckily no heat is felt through this.

The cross member you can just about see at the front is a B&Q metal bar. This was hammered flat at both ends and holes were drilled through, allowing it to be screwed into position at each end. It serves as a cross-member, helping to keep the roof structure rigid. It also helps support the weight of Jasper the cat as he is sunbathing on the roof.

All wood used is tanalised, pressure-treated, so hopefully the wood should last 10 years+.

Heat-proofing pizza over roof

Luckily no part of the wood structure get hot. The outside of the clay dome gets to about 75 degrees celsius at maximum, but only when the fire has been running for several hours. It takes over 2 hours before any heat is felt externally.

The chromed flue pipe exiting the roof is double-walled, with insulation between walls. This means the wood does not get hot, even where it is touching the flue pipe. This pipe would get very hot if it was a single=walled pipe and flames are often seen coming out of the flue pipe.

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