Making The Arch

My arch bricks were old clay Cheshire bricks found in a pile outside Dad’s house. He kept them just in case they might one day become useful. I’m sure he would be pleased to see their new role.

We used a bit of wall insulation found from a skip. It worked a treat. This was two layers and an elliptical hand sketched line, cut out using a kitchen-knife. You could also use plywood or polystyrene.

The key stone was a used because the gap at the top needed something!

Luckily I found a wedge shaped bit of old stone lying around at the bottom of the garden – perfect!

I made the mistake of using normal mortar and suddenly, a year later the whole arch fell apart due to the effect of heat. This was speedily repaired using a pot of fire cement and it’s been fine since then. This could be ordered while placing an order for fire-bricks.

Fire cement
Definitely heat-proof!

Next you will be mixing clay and sharp sand with insulation for layer two.

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