Margherita with fresh basil


My favorite, every time is good old margherita. Get the right ingredients, treat the base properly. Don’t squash the dough. Get the temperature right. Splash of olive oil on top. Lovely 🙂

Pizzas are always best made from fresh ingredients and are a very individual thing. We learn by trial and error.

The benefit of fresh herbs over dried jars from the supermarket are huge. It is well worth keeping a small herb garden outside, to complement the pizza oven. Basil, in particular, is easily grown if watered well.

The pizza tomato base sauce can easily be bought off the shelf and is ok, but can be improved if you make it yourself, even using tinned tomatoes. The addition of fresh basil to it makes an huge difference. We like fried garlic added to the mix.

The Jamie Oliver recipe is well worth a look: …

Great recipe for sour dough pizza base here on Ooni + dough calculator

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