Over-Proven Pizza Dough

The over-proven pizza dough looked promising but turned into a weak unusable sludge, handling more like cake-mix than pizza dough.

We started the mix the evening before and left it to ferment overnight and had risen well. It felt good when kneeded and stretched, but we then left it in a warm place all day, thinking it would add to the flavour.

Unfortunately, when next checked, at fire-lighting time, the over inflated dough collapsed when touched and was weak. It was not salvageable and had to be scrapped.

Learning points:

  • The lesson we are learning is to follow the recipe for dough very precisely and not alter amounts or times.
  • Getting the kneading process right also seems to make a big difference to the physical properties of the dough when handling and shaping.
  • We have also found it pays to be generous when using dusting flour to make it less likely to stick to the peel when inserting pizza into the oven.

Useful Resources

  • We love the pizza dough calculator app via Ooni website, which allows you to input the weight of dough required, hydration, salt content, room temperature and time available.

Few more after-thoughts

  • The above failure may have been due to exceptionally hot weather and the faster fermentation
  • We have changed dusting flour to semolina and the difference is huge. It doesn’t burn and it’s a much better lubricant.
  • We have bought a new wooden peel for pizza insertion – this is much better and less sticky, especially with semolina — no more pizza fails!

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