Shaping the dome

A dome of sharp sand was sculpted then covered in wet newspaper layers. This was dead easy but needed a lot of shifting sand around.

We used 16 x 25kg bags of sharp sand for this purpose. The remaining 6 bags of sand were used for the first layer of clay.

The sand easily holds this shape and does not need to be wet at all. Do not add water as we did, leading to problems later!

For us, this was a lovely sunny Spring day, good for drying the first layer.

By this stage of the project, you need to be keeping an eye on the weather and have a basic shelter to keep the rain off.

I think our oven is a little over size and as discussed in “Errors and learning points“, you might get away with a smaller diameter but also less tall. — Probably for the same base diameter, I would suggest using just 12 bags of sand as your mould.

Your next step is to mix the clay and sharp sand together to make adobe>>

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