The base

Pizza Oven Base
Base made from breeze blocks, lintels and fire bricks

Fortunately we had a nice spot, not too close to the house and there was already a stone paved area. The foundation must cope with nearly 1 ton of weight.

We made the square using breeze blocks and just small amounts of mortar so that the measurements would not change much. care was taken to make sure walls were vertical and corners we 90 degrees.

This was all new to me as I have an office job and do not have a great deal of DIY experience. To keep the tricky bits to a minimum, like cutting breeze blocks, we relied on maths and planning rather than power tools.

I have seen on other websites, people use railway sleepers and use buried bottles as insulation. We did none of that.

Only three breeze blocks needed to be cut – they are the ones visible on the front only and one in the top of the platform.

The top platform is resting on three pre-cast reinforced concrete lintels. They were obtained off shelf and fit well with my measurements. The front cross member is wood that I have going spare.

After the square of the base was set, I used a hammer drill to tediously carve out gaps for the transverse lintels. This was a difficult job for me. I made a pig’s ear of it and had to make good using cement.

When the lintels were perfectly horizontal and level with the top of the base, the top platform was laid. This does need to be very flat so that the fire-bricks will form a tight shape with no gaps. Any irregularities would be obvious when you are using the pizza paddle. I only used a tiny amount of mortar because the weight of the pizza oven holds everything down.

58 fire-bricks were laid in a square arrangement with a front extension. These are not mortared in.

Next I drew 4 circles using permanent marker pen to show the inner chamber, wall layer 1, wall 2 and wall 3. Each wall was made 7cm thick.

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